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There are so many places worth to be protected.

Did you know that…

80 %

of people worldwide can’t see the Milky Way due to light pollution

330 M

people visited the US national parks in 2020 – a record high

50 %

of national parks are affected by erosion and sedimentation

8 M

tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year

The passionate Voices fighting for our parks.

To truly grasp the challenges facing our parks, we went straight to the passionate individuals fighting on the front lines. We invited rangers, scientists, and conservationists to share their struggles, coping methods, and visions of hope. These unfiltered voices, published to bring out real, authentic emotions, will hopefully inspire you to fight for the future of our parks.

What is your story?

We all have a unique bond with nature and experiences to share. What are your cherished memories, concerns, or vision for preserving parks?

Our Approach to Conservation.

We amplify park stories

We raise awareness through powerful storytelling on the threats to parks and the tireless efforts to protect them.

We educate and inspire

Our content educates on preserving ecosystems while nurturing appreciation for nature's wonders to motivate action.

We foster engagement

We create spaces for open dialogue, calls-to-action, and collaborative initiatives that empower people to get involved.

We envision an earth where our national parks remain wild – their forests dense, their rivers pure, their wildlife plentiful.

Will you be a part of the tough conversations?

Man with surfboard walking along the beach during sunset.

Your story can change everything.

Your unique perspective is vital for shaping the conversation that drives positive change for our parks.

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