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Why support the Wild Places Project?

We’re a community-driven initiative on a mission to  protect our parks through education, storytelling and collaborative action. By supporting us, you help amplify voices, inspire change and secure a future where these lands thrive.

We tell stories that spark change for people and planet.


We motivate people to get involved and take action.


We initiate a global conversation to explore innovative solutions.

Share your unique Park Story.

Every personal tale helps raise awareness and appreciation for why parks matter. By sharing your cherished memories, concerns, or vision, your story becomes part of the collective voice inspiring positive change. The more perspectives we amplify, the greater our impact in preserving these lands.

Strong partners for an important cause.

Do you want to make a real impact on environmental conservation? We want to partner with you on collaborative campaigns, events, products and initiatives to support national park preservation efforts. Explore ways we can join forces to inspire your communities to take meaningful action for protecting our wild places.

Connect and share.

Become an advocate for our Parks. Share uplifting nature stories and champion conservation by joining our community.

Immerse in stunning visuals and stories that transport you into the heart of national parks

Connect professionally, engage in insightful discussions and explore partnerships.

Explore dynamic videos sparking environmental advocacy conversations.

Connect directly with us via email to share your thoughts, questions or ideas for protecting parks.

Your questions answered

Common questions

The Wild Places Project is a initiative dedicated to preserving our national parks through education, storytelling, and community engagement. We aim to raise awareness about the increasing threats facing these natural wonders, amplify the voices of those at the front lines fighting to protect them, and empower people to take tangible action to safeguard our parks for future generations. If you’d like to learn more about the project, please visit our About Page.
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Our campaign aims to educate people on the challenges parks face, foster appreciation for nature, amplify unheard voices, and empower communities to get involved through taking action.

100% of donations made through our fundraising partnership go to The National Park Foundation is the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service (Read more on The donation page is a fundraiser created through the website. If you want to learn more, please visit

There are many ways to get involved beyond financial donations, including sharing your personal park stories and perspectives to inspire others, participating in awareness campaigns on social media, volunteering for park cleanups or restoration projects, and exploring partnership opportunities if you represent an organization.

We want to hear your authentic stories and connections to national parks – whether it’s cherished childhood memories, concerns about environmental impacts you’ve witnessed, visions for how we can better preserve these lands, or tales highlighting the importance of conservation. Every perspective helps shape the broader narrative.

With your consent, we may incorporate excerpts from your submitted stories into our educational content, social media campaigns, blogs, or other outreach materials. Your stories provide powerful insights that can help move others to action for protecting parks.

We periodically share volunteer opportunities for community park cleanups, trail restoration, habitat preservation and other grassroots efforts through our email newsletter and social channels. You can also explore partnership avenues if you represent a company, non-profit or community organization.

The most impactful way is to continue learning, sharing our messages with your networks, participating in campaigns, and channeling your passion into real-world actions like reducing your environmental footprint. Every effort to raise awareness helps advance our collective cause.