So many challenges, such little time.

The threats intensify daily, putting our wild places at risk.

Hard Truth

The worst outcome could be every landscape looking the exact same.

There are more than 30 threats to the parks.

limate change, habitat loss, pollution, overcrowding – our beloved parks face countless threats that differ across regions. This map shows the diverse challenges directly impacting these lands, making it clear we all need to get involved and help.
usa map displaying various icons that show the threats the national parks are facing

Some of the most challenging ones.

Climate Change
Rising temperatures, increased drought, wildfires, melting glaciers – the impacts of our changing climate are disrupting entire ecosystems and altering landscapes.

Forces of Nature


Vehicle emissions, industrial runoff, noise, and light infiltrate parks from surrounding areas, contaminating environments, harming wildlife, and changing natural scenery.





Habitat Loss

Development, deforestation, and fragmentation are destroying and degrading the natural habitats that countless plant and animal species call home within park boundaries.




Human Interference
Overcrowding, misuse of trails, harassing wildlife, vandalism, poaching, and illegal activities directly degrade and damage park landscapes and ecosystems.




Insufficient Funds
Lack of adequate funding prevents proper park maintenance, staffing for enforcement, and resources for conservation efforts to properly manage these vast public lands.




Invasive Species
The spread of invasive plants, animals, and pathogens introduced to parks outcompete native species and disrupt the delicate balance of established ecosystems.




Learn how you can help save our parks.

Confronting such immense challenges can feel discouraging at times. But your unique perspectives have the power to drive meaningful change. Together, we can reshape the narrative and preserve a future where our parks thrive.

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